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Prof. Surinder Singh, the visionary behind the Satnam Music Academy, boasts a Master’s degree in Indian classical music and a rich history of performing on diverse stages alongside accomplished musicians. The inspiration for the academy’s name is deeply personal, derived from his father, who served as his first mentor. His musical journey has been shaped by the invaluable teachings of renowned gurus, including Pandit Haridev Ji, Bhai Satnam Singh, Pandit Raam Labhaya Ji, and Bhai Charanjit Singh Ji.

Surinder Singh has 8+ years of teaching experience with more than 1000 students with different zones like Folk, Classical, Sad/Romantic Devotional music.  His teaching journey has encompassed renowned institutions such as New Era Convent School Goraya Punjab, Guru Nanak Khalsa Girls College in Sang Dhesian, Goraya, Punjab, Guru Nanak Darbar Society in Prince George, British Columbia, and Dashmesh Gurmat Academy in Surrey, British Columbia. 

Surinder Singh has been appreciated with awards several times including recognition at the ISU singing competition, at the annual youth festival hosted by Guru Nanak Khalsa College of girls, and appraisal at the annual kirtan competition held at Guru Nanak Darbar Society.


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