Vocal Training

Process where individuals learn to sing or improve their singing abilities. It typically involves lessons on vocal techniques, breathing, pitch, and performance skills. One fundamental aspect of vocal training is learning to control and manage your breath effectively. Vocal training helps indiviuals expand their vocal range, allowing them to sing both higher and lower notes with precision.

Artist Development

Comprehensive process in the music industry that helps emerging artists grow and establish their careers. It includes songwriting, vocal training, live performance skills. The goal is to help artists grow as musicians, performers, and public figures, ultimately enhancing their chances of success in the highly competitive music industry.

Creating Composition

Musical composition involves crafting an original piece of music. It includes elements like melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics. Creating a composition is a highly individual and artistic process, and it may vary greatly depending on the style, genre, and intentions of composer. Whether it's a classical symphony, a pop song, a film score, or any other form of music.


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SMA Musical Band

is a dynamic ensemble that specializes in live performances for various occasions and celebrations. Our talented students showcase their musical skills, adding a captivating and enjoyable element to your event.